• A Day with an Emirati

    Experience Dubai like a local as you stroll around the city with your Emirati tour guide. Guests get to see where Emiratis hangout, drink coffee/tea, eat and much more throughout

  • Authentic Walk Tour in Old Dubai

    Guests are taken on a unique authentic experience that will allow them to see the UAE through the eyes of an Emirati. The walk covers various historical sites in Dubai.

  • City Tour

    Guests are taken on a Kashta around the vibrant city of Dubai guided by their Emirati tour guides. This tour can be customized based on the requirement and preferences of

  • Cultural Consultations

    Introducing the Emirati culture to employees and staff to better understand the society and potential customers or colleagues.


    Please arrive

  • Emirati Neighborhood Walk

    Guests experience an exclusive insight to the Emirati family and society as they stroll around an Emirati neighborhood in the heart of Dubai. Along with their local expert, they will

  • Food Experience

    Designed for food lovers, this experience will give guests an opportunity to taste the special Emirati cuisine and an insight to the recipes handed down through generations.

  • Hosting VIP Delegates

    Our Emirati tour guides are well trained and experienced in hosting delegates from around the world.


    Please arrive at least 20

  • Museum Tour

    Guests experience different aspects of the UAE history and traditions by visiting several museums based in the heart of old Dubai.



  • Photography tours

    To all photography lovers, this tour is designed for you!
    This unique tour allows guests to explore Dubai through their lens with their professional Emirati photographer. They get to capture

  • Treasure hunts

    Customized treasure hunts set in different locations based upon request. The challenge allows team members to discover the true meaning of teamwork in a fun and exciting way.