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What is 'Emirati Kashtas'

“Kashta” is an Emirati term meaning a trip or a journey. We are your Emirati tour guides in Dubai who will offer you authentic experiences and tours like no other!

We have come together to bring you the story of our home, the UAE. We offer various cultural services that range from customized cultural educational tours, authentic Emirati experiences, creative customized treasure hunts and much more all aiming to promote our culture and traditions.

The opportunities we will offer are considered an eye-opener to the Emirati culture and heritage. We encourage them to learn about the UAE by engaging with us in open and honest conversations.

If you want to see the UAE through the eyes of an Emirati, then you definitely have to join us!

We are also a platform for Emirati certified tour guides. If you are one, and would like to be part of our extraordinary family of tour guides, feel free to contact us!