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3 to 3.30 Hours
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To all photography lovers, this tour is designed for you!

Explore Dubai through your lens with your Emirati professional photographer Huda Bin Redha. Whether you are captivated by the old historical buildings or by the mesmerizing skyscrapers, you will definitely get the perfect shot!

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 20 min before the tour.
Duration Price
3 to 3.30 Hours 300 AED
Tour guide’s Instagram account: @hudabinr

Choose between two routes:


Historical Dubai

Your gallery will tell the history of Dubai as you capture almost every corner of the old city. You will capture the traditional architectural buildings, shadows formed by different structures, the dhows and abras (wooden boats) along the vibrant creek, the beautiful fabrics in the textile market, the colorful spices at the spice market and the diverse faces of the everyday street life.


Modern Dubai

Get the chance to capture what Dubai is best known for: its dazzling skyscrapers and modern architecture. You will surely sense the metropolitan life as you capture the diverse faces of people, beautiful bridges, different modern structures, high skyscrapers, water canals, highways, and much more!

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, this tour is definitely for you.


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Payment to be made in cash upon arrival. Only AED currency is accepted.